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The paper has issued a statement denying any connection to the interview and threatening legal action against Fangshishujian—a fruitless threat, since the article and the account of Fangshishujian itself have been deleted from We Chat. This has a lot to do with the way we grew up and our education.

Ke Xiaoming, who also goes by Ke Lingling, is the youngest daughter of former ambassador to Britain Ke Hua. [Chinese] On August 29, CDT Chinese found a number of keyword combinations related to the “interview” have been blocked from Weibo search results, including Xi former wife (习+前妻), Xi predecessor (习+前任), Xi Ke Xiaoming (习+柯小明), Xi divorce (习+离婚), Xi second marriage (习+二婚), and Ke Xiaoming former wife (柯小明+前妻). The Xi administration has been cracking down on rumor-mongering, both real and imagined.

The incident destroyed Ling Jihua’s career, and last year he was arrested on corruption charges.

The reaction online to these antics is generally outrage at the level of arrogance shown, tinged with a certain envy at the kind of lifestyles that these young people are able to afford.

In Ireland he was pictured playing keepy-uppy at a football stadium.

This is not the behaviour the Chinese are used to from their politicians. Unusually tall for a Chinese man(he is 5ft 9in – the same height as Prince Charles, in fact) he favours smart suits.

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While Wang snr is widely admired for his cunning, ambition and success, his son is resented as a , or nouveau riche, with no class. In 2012, Ling Gu, son of former president Hu Jintao’s one-time chief-of-staff Ling Jihua, died in a Ferrari crash, along with two half-naked young women.

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A We Chat official account is gone after posting a purported interview with Ke Xiaoming, President Xi Jinping’s first wife. public) account “Fangshishujian” (方式书简) posted what it claimed was an interview with Ke originally published by the Chinese-language UK Chinese Journal (英国侨报).

"When Xi was in Xiamen, he even asked Peng to do free performances for local people," the foreign affairs official said.

"Xi is so lucky to have such a virtuous and approachable wife, who has helped earn him a lot of publicity." Another official in Fuzhou said Fujian had been an "auspicious base" for Xi because he met Peng there after reaching one of his lowest ebbs before being sent to Xiamen in 1985.

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