Updating firmware ipod touch dating format from usa

i Phone OS 4.0 is all set to release at WWDC 2010, which will be third major OS update for i Phone & i Pod Touch.

i Phone OS 4.0 has many news features but some of most interesting features like multitasking won’t be available on i Pod Touch 1G/2G & 3G & i Phone 3G and needless to say i Phone 2G is dead and won’t be supported for OS 4.0 officially.

Software developers who need to test games or applications on different versions of the i Pod Touch's i OS -- while the software is still under development -- use DFU mode for preparing the device.

Look for at the end not The alternative file link is tested for viruses before posting, the file is just an exe wrapper to automatically download firmware file from torrent link without using any torrent client made via popular Torrent2Exe service, here is a Virus Toal scan result scoring 11/40 (with major AV flagging it safe), if you still feel unsafe use the first link.

If Apple decides to go like OS 3.0 release then i Phone OS 4.0 update won’t be free for i Pod Touch users.

In order to update i Pod Touch to i Phone OS 3.0 firmware you had to pay .95 and .95 for i Phone 3.1 OS update.

Whether thats true or not, I tried downloading it and my anti virus software reported about 3 or 4 viruses which I had to delete, and the download stopped when I deleted them.

and the file is supposed to be 250 mb or 248 somewhere around there but that download is only a few hundred kb, and sadly the first link doesnt work for me so if anyone could help me out on that?

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