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The following article is abstracted from The Biblical Chronologist Volume 5, Number 1. The science of constructing chronologies from tree rings is called dendrochronology. Modern trees are known to produce one growth ring per year. (The idea that ancient trees grew more than one ring per year will be discussed below.) Therefore, by coring a living tree and counting rings from the present backwards, it is possible to determine the year in which each ring grew. The bristlecone pines in the White Mountains of California live to extremely old ages, some in excess of 4,000 years.The University of Arizona dendrochronology lab sports a (no longer living) specimen which contains over 6,000 rings.You won't find the fancy Flash-driven pages here anymore — I want these pages to be readable, enjoyable, and (most of all) educational for all, especially those with learning and physical disabilities.My goal is to make available as much information about dendrochronology as I can possibly find on the Internet, from the basics of tree-ring dating, to reference and bibliographic information, to products and supplies, to books, and more!

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I've designed these pages to be easily understood by people at all levels of education, from elementary school students to high school students, from first grade teachers to college professors.Among other things, they hope to learn whether the gigantic volcanic eruptions that have punctuated geological history have occurred as clusters in relatively short periods. In Irish and German oaks, longer-term effects of volcanoes are discernible: after major eruptions, the rings for several successive years are thinner than normal because of slow growth in protracted periods of cold.Climatologists are also intrigued by fresh evidence from tree rings that huge ancient eruptions may have had far more lasting effects on climate than had been supposed. Large eruptions have stamped sharply defined benchmarks on tree rings and ice, and these markers have permitted scientists to reconcile many dating techniques and improve the accuracy of all.Everything else being equal, in a wet year trees will produce a larger growth ring.In a dry year, trees will produce a narrow growth ring.

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