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There are several publications, such as Teen Ink and Teen Voices, which cater to both male and female audiences, however publications specifically targeting teenage boys are significantly few in number.

Many scholars have critiqued teen magazines, as the topics presented are narrow and only present a limited range of female roles, some believe that they are effective because of the relationship developed between magazine and reader.

Nudity alone is not criminalized, even among minors. The average teen now sends approximately 60 text messages every day.

Among teens who have sent nude or semi-nude text messages, 66 percent of girls and 60 percent of boys say they did so to be “fun or flirtatious,” and 40 percent of girls say they sent sexually suggestive texts as a “joke,” much like Hannah does, later in the episode.

The president of the National District Attorneys Association has publicly urged prosecutors to use their discretion to avoid criminal charges in many such cases.Examples of popular magazines during that time include Sassy, YM, Cosmo Girl, Teen, and Teen People.Nowadays, popular contemporary American teen magazines include Seventeen, Teen Vogue, J-14, Tiger Beat and Teenview Magazine out of Wichita, Kansas.Ask any parent with a teenager, and they’ll tell you that parenting teens today is tough.Teens have more freedom at an earlier age nowadays.

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