Dads 10 rules for dating

The Internet never forgets and I know how to use that to my advantage.Do you have any new rules for your kids now that dating has gone digital?

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Love with your whole heart and express that love each and every day. Every child remembers the first time they drove on daddy’s lap.

The world is a happier place when made up of polite words and smiles. It does not mean he has to fight back with fists or words, because sometimes you say more with silence. Remind him that people can be mean and nasty because of jealousy, or other personal reasons.

I’m sure many of you dads (and moms) have seen similar rules posted somewhere before.

I like them, I really do, but times have changed and I decided they needed to be updated.

Keep in mind that these are tongue-in-cheek and purposefully exaggerated to make a point.

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