Ccm bicycle serial number dating chart figuring out the quiet guy dating

If the frame was made overseas in Taiwan, it gets more complicated.If the number starts with a K, the frame was made by Kinesis.Some serial systems from one era may resemble that of an earlier or later era.

Fortunately, a reprinted book containing catalog pages from the 30’s through the 60’s is available. Here is my work in progress "1960s and 1970s serial numbers" chart. He believes that for many years in the 60s that more than one Letter designator may have been used. He recalls having new bikes in 62 and 63 with the letters D and G respectively.I collected the data from over 50 CCMs, my collection of catalog from the 60s and 70s and have a lot of confidence in my findings. From his experience over five decades of collecting bikes, he recalls that the following years and letters correspond to each other..1961 - C; 62 - D; 63 - G; 64 -H; 65 - J; 66 - K; 67 - ? He also suggests that the date on original SA 3 speed hubs is a good way to establish the date.That is why I prefer to base my findings on matching details of actual bikes with the pictures and data from original catalogs, etc. There would be other facts to dispute some of the quoted matchups of year and serial numbers, but I don't want to sound like I'm trying to offend anybody.and charting these findings along with the serial numbers. I just hope that in posting my suggested data, more collectors will supply pictures and serial numbers of their bikes.

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