Best and worst cities for online dating

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In 2009, SNAP Interactive expanded Are You Interested to include a location based i Phone app, which lets you browse users in your area.

There is good news for those who are willing to take the plunge. The divorce rate has decreased 25% between 19, a study of Census Bureau and National Center for Health Statistics data by Bowling Green State University found.

But as Market Watch’s Moneyologist advice columnist has discovered (on more than one occasion), marriages that end in divorce can be financially as well as emotionally devastating.

New research from the Pew Research Center shows that in the past two years, the percentage of US adults who had used a dating app tripled.

For those hoping to increase their probability for finding their forever mate, the key may be location, location, location. The Census does not ask about sexual orientation.) These are just two scenarios for lovelorn singles. (Take the quiz here.) Don’t miss: Rich women like rich men, and rich men like slender women Whether or not you actually want to move after taking the quiz is another story.This may seem discouraging for singles that live in these cities, but data shows that a little effort goes a long way.Those who used more strategic conversation starters such as, “Do you like to travel?SNAP Interactive didn't release the survey or the how they determined whether a city was "active", but it's interesting to note that only three of the cities on its list corresponded with Travel Leisure's July 2011 list of the top ten cities for singles.The Travel Leisure list looked at how open people were to meeting new singles, whether they be at boutique hotels, in coffee shops, on mass transit, or in bars.

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