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Suzanne Pleshette Paul Lynd Sophia Loren Aladdin Sane ( barf on Thin White Duke) Kate Bush Tim Curry The divine Mzzzzzz Karen Black (with her big booty from the 80s) Flip Wilson (crushes need not be sexual so haytahs shut up) 1/2 of the girls Davey Jones fell in love with Zsa Zsa Gabor and Charo (THESE *are* admittedly quite sexual) GIL SCOTT HERON VALERIE BERTINELLIMichelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns. My adoration of Carol Kane was a big part of my childhood, too. VALERIE BERTINELLI I had no idea who Valerie Bertinelli was as a kid, but as an adult, having gone out with her and some mutual friends a few years ago, I can verify I have a crush on her as an adult.i have never really been one for celebrity crushes except for one person and that's Shannon Doherty.

Props for Beckett, since he’s on his way to becoming a postseason legend. Union has fluctuated between the NBA and the NFL, and even found time for a ballplayer: Jason Kidd, Chris Howard, Darren Sharper and Derek Jeter. Chris Howard was her ex-husband, a running back at Michigan (he played with Brady! Sharper’s a pretty good NFL defensive back with 50 career interceptions. Earlier in the segment, Wendy complimented Alyssa on her new pixie haircut, which she said she gotten done 'right before the holidays', and spoke to her about she lost the baby weight.'I always take my time losing the baby weight because there are so many more important things to be going through,' Alyssa said. (Dug her since i saw Ladyhawke in theaters) Julie Brown. :o Check her out in Veep, she grew up into a beautiful woman. Well, there are a lot from the '80s and beyond who I had crushes on, but I can't include them, because I was over 21 by then, and not a kid by my definition. Though I still have a slight thing for Lisa Bonet, some of that may have transferred to her daughter, Zoe Kravtiz. I ended up dating a girl who looked more or less exactly like her(coincidentally she had the same first name too) and it did not end well.

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    On Monday, TMZ Sports reported that Lawson was partying with teammates Ben Mc Lemore and Willie Cauley-Stein and boxer Adrien Broner at a Las Vegas nightclub the night before, sharing video In July 2015, he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

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    Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier face attempted murder charges after attacking their friend, saying that they did so because they wanted to join the cult of the 'Slender Man' after reading about him online.